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Building capacity for collaboration

RECOVER Infrastructure

The groups listed below provide the management and operational support for the RECOVER Initiative’s research activities.

Together, these groups:

  • Build and support teams of RECOVER researchers
  • Recruit, enroll, and support groups of people taking part in or contributing to RECOVER studies
  • Manage RECOVER research data
  • Ensure that researchers and members of the public have access to RECOVER findings

Learn more about RECOVER’s research.

RECOVER Cores and Coordinating Centers

Administrative Coordinating Center, RTI International

The Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) oversees and supports RECOVER communications, work groups, the development of research protocols, research study implementations, and shapes how RECOVER engages with caregivers, patients, and community members. Learn more about RTI International's role.

Biorepository Core, Mayo Clinic

The Biorepository Core (BRC) receives, manages, and makes available to researchers a diverse range of biospecimens obtained from RECOVER research studies. A biospecimen is a sample of material taken from the human body, such as blood, saliva (spit), tissue, or cells, that is used for medical or research purposes. Learn more about Mayo Clinic’s role.

Clinical Science Core, NYU Langone Health

The Clinical Science Core (CSC) oversees the membership and scientific aims of the RECOVER Observational Cohort Consortium, a large, nationwide network of lead investigators conducting RECOVER-funded research. The CSC provides oversight on the collection and quality control of RECOVER cohort data and biospecimens, the achievement of cohort study recruitment goals, and the retention of cohort study participants. The CSC also develops methods for monitoring research protocols, leads the publication and dissemination of Observational Cohort scientific research findings, and shapes RECOVER communications and engagement with participants. Learn more about NYU Langone Health's role.

Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center, Duke Clinical Research Institute

The Clinical Trials Data Coordinating Center (CT-DCC) plans and operates RECOVER clinical trials to test the safety and effectiveness of different possible treatments for the most burdensome Long COVID symptoms. Learn more about Duke Clinical Research Institute’s role.

Data Resource Core, Massachusetts General Hospital

The Data Resource Core (DRC) tracks, organizes, and ensures the consistency of all the data collected from the different RECOVER studies. The DRC also helps make RECOVER study data accessible and searchable. Learn more about Massachusetts General Hospital’s role.

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