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Research Summaries

Discover what the latest science from the RECOVER Initiative means for our ability to understand, treat, and prevent Long COVID.

This page contains descriptions of findings from RECOVER research studies. These descriptions use plain language and a format that is easy to understand.

If you want to learn more about the scientific discoveries described here, you can also browse and search the complete list of RECOVER Publications.

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Thaweethai, T; Jolley, SE; Karlson, EW; et. al.RECOVER Consortium, JAMA

RECOVER researchers used data from the RECOVER observational cohort study in adults ages 18 and over. They compared symptoms reported in surveys by participants who did and did not have COVID.  

Researchers found 37 symptoms that participants who had COVID reported more often after having COVID compared to participants who never had COVID. 12 of these symptoms could identify participants with Long COVID, including feeling tired and unwell after activity, feeling weak and tired (fatigue), and brain fog. A definition of Long COVID based on symptoms is important for future research, including to find treatments. 

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